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Welllllll it's all over
my years at Branahm High School

and while it's hard to say that senior year has been my best... it was quite memorable i'd say
not to mention eventful

i'm somewhat regretful now that high school is over
sad that I didn't try harder
or talk more
or enjoy it more while I could have (for ex, my classes this past year... I probably would have more fun and felt better if I had skipped out on ap calc and french 4...)
but oh well, nothing I can do about that now anyways...

last night it was rly nice to chill with my family for a while at dinner and then at home, it was like my birthday or something only more family and more money haha
and they rly liked the movie I put together of my baby videos... haha I was such a dork as a kid
I was clumsy and sometimes forgot how to count... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, go!!
and then hanging with the girlies at Stacey's house for a while was cool, by then we were pretty tired though (or at least I was...)

and i'm going to Georgia for a week with my family (most likely July 22-29)
to visit my grandfather, who called me today because.... okay, get this... he was at a dinner with the president in Washington yesterday so that's why he didn't get to calling me until today... hahaa he's so cool!

I went to Sartorette for their last day and helped as they gave everyone ice cream sundaes, I was one of the whipped cream ladies which was rly fun because we had soo much whipped cream and they kept telling us to give the kids more and more (haha they loooved it)
My mom kept telling people how I just graduated... 
and we watched part of the kindergarten graduation which was adorable! they all had robes and hats on, which were rly just miniature versions of the type I had. 
I actually got a little teary eyed at one point though when I watched them and realized how far i've come... :'(

So I also happened to have my first day working today
I ended up taking someone's shift for them, aggh i'm such a sucker 
and woooow was it busy tonight! lots of people around for graduation I guess, plus regular crazy saturday night crowds
it was like busy throughout my whole shift, waits 15-20minutes at 9pm even!
Working was tiring, but not so bad otherwise. 
I saw a few pple I know... Megan from Camporee/Girl Scouts said hi (and I saw Katie and Ashley at Sartorette earlier), Jackie (Mrs. Stone's daughter, I don't think she recognized me though) and one of my sister's friends.
I learned how to sort silverware, and hang with the kitchen staff who's all nice, though they make me wish I spoke spanish... someone tried to teach me how to say "take your time", but I didn't have time to learn it

my feet and my back hurts from stading around so much
ahh and I've got to work tomorrow as well (but thankfully not until 11:45)
and yay Kat's party's tomorrow!!! :)

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Hmmm, you didn't have time to learn how to say "Take your time?" haha, I find that funny...

I sooo wish I could have helped out at Sartorette, stupid cleaning house (which took FOREVER btw)
maybe next year?

I haven't really gotten THAT nostalgic yet...
except for when I was reading my freshmen year book and looking at all the signatures, that made me feel sad..

but hey hey hey, we made it! wooo!

Haha, I know! When I was typing that out I realized how odd it sounded...

Aww yeah there'll definately be other opportunities to return (esp. with my mom working there)
ahh yeah it's just all sinking in I guess.... slowly but surely


by the way
I looooove your icon!!

this one? thanks :) I changed the lighting and added in the butterflies myself

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