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once upon a dream
Okay so here's the fanfic I wrote for April Fools day, it's based on Twilight and Roswell. It's pretty short... and silly :)

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hunger games logo
Sooo I've created a community for this great book The Hunger Games with a girl I met on Hunger Games Trilogy, Emma (she's awesome!).
It's a great book and I've been working on banner/sigs for it.
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Work Quotes #1!
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So yeah as before I still feel like my life revolves around work. So what else is there than to share some of the absurd, odd and strange things people say to me? These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head but I’m sure I’ll have some new ones sooner or later to share. They're kinda paraphrased but as close as I can remember them.


Guy: Do you smoke weed? 

Me: Umm no…

G: Aww you sure?

M: Umm yeah….

*awkward pause*

M: Well your server should be right with you okay?

*scurries away*



“Oh we haven’t had you as our server yet! Didn’t you used to serve on the other side of the restaurant?”



“I hope you make it far in this profession.” (after bringing a party a few napkins since their server was busy... um yeah that caught me off guard, I was like er... thanks)



“Can’t we have that booth?” says the couple pointing to the large booth that seats eight people.



Server (Ricky): “Can I call you guys my scavengeus dogs? I want to talk like a pirate today.”



*Seeing an old man hitting his wife with a cane…* (On accident of course as he was moving it behind her, their table burst out laughing. It was pretty funny)


M: "Hey wanna take a party in the 70's?"  

Server (Yasha): “Are they old? If they are then definitely”

Yasha (later on): “See? They love me” – nods and waves to an elderly couple leaving happily.



M: And can I get your name?

*jots name down*

Some lady (whose name I don’t remember at all lol): Oh? is there a wait?  *insert attitude*

No dumbass I just like to write the names of everyfreaking customer that comes in for fun. Oh and these other people waiting around? They don’t matter, you do. We’re going to give you that nice dirty table over there. Or better yet that lovely one without a server! Because you’re the onllly one that matters

*Nods head*

M: Yeah it’ll be 5-10 minutes

*turns back to figuring out where to seat the next people at.



Some Hospo (can’t remember who): Omg look at that?! He’s arranging the ketchup bottles all nicely, making it look puuurty, isn’t that nice? *sarcasm* (said while watching a busser)

Bartender (Nick): “Oh you see even if I wanted to take tables… I can’t.”

M: “What?! Leslie said… ugh whatever” *practically storms away*

M (to another hospo later after seeing him wait on tables): “Was he just messing with me or what?!”



Me: “Enjoy your meal”

Numerous amount of guests I have sat: “You too”



Bartender: “Oh great choice by the way…”

M: “Huh? Oooh haha yeah sorry about that…” (glances at two very young girls –like middle school aged probably- sitting in his section)



Some random girl at a table I sat: “You can probably tell we’re not your normal family huh?”

M: “Um your server will be right with you okay?” *smiles then leaves rather quickly*



Cute little girl: “Nu uh, Daddy go sit next to Mommy because you two looove each other!”



M (reading off the waitlist): “The Professionals party of three?”

We’ve had all sorts of strange waitlist names. Typically they come from weird, annoying groups of teenagers who want to be silly. Really they just look stupid to us though. 

Asian guy there to turn in application: "Uh... *looks around* do you guys hire Asians?"
M: "Um yeaaaahhhh... *looks around* there's a few on later tonight actually" (why wouldn't we? plus some of our best workers are Asian)

*Yasha backs up in the corner of the back kitchen then rushes forward sliding across the just mopped floor*

James: "What do you call a midget in a cathedral?" 
M: "Um... hmmm... I don't know, what?" 
J: "...Actually I'm not sure either." 

Edit: And yes I have new theme icons!! But I didn't make these ones, they came from various different sets

Argh, I blame Melissa... stupid blogs got me again
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I finished Stardust by Neil Gaiman this morning, it was a fun book and I'm excited to see the movie which comes out in August! 
Now for some pointless, time consuming "blogthings"!

Your Heart Is Pink
In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't. Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time. Your flirting style: Coy Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant What you bring to relationships: Romance
You Could Definitely Be a Vegetarian
You would make a great vegetarian - if you aren't one already. You're adventurous enough to try all sorts of new veggie foods... And your commitment to animal welfare will motivate you to stay meat free!
Haha Yay!!!
Your Mind is PG-13 Rated
Your mind is definitely a little dirty. You're naughty, but not trashy. You don't shy away from a dirty joke, and you're clearly not a prude.
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Welllllll it's all over
my years at Branahm High School

and while it's hard to say that senior year has been my best... it was quite memorable i'd say
not to mention eventful

i'm somewhat regretful now that high school is over
sad that I didn't try harder
or talk more
or enjoy it more while I could have (for ex, my classes this past year... I probably would have more fun and felt better if I had skipped out on ap calc and french 4...)
but oh well, nothing I can do about that now anyways...

last night it was rly nice to chill with my family for a while at dinner and then at home, it was like my birthday or something only more family and more money haha
and they rly liked the movie I put together of my baby videos... haha I was such a dork as a kid
I was clumsy and sometimes forgot how to count... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, go!!
and then hanging with the girlies at Stacey's house for a while was cool, by then we were pretty tired though (or at least I was...)

and i'm going to Georgia for a week with my family (most likely July 22-29)
to visit my grandfather, who called me today because.... okay, get this... he was at a dinner with the president in Washington yesterday so that's why he didn't get to calling me until today... hahaa he's so cool!

I went to Sartorette for their last day and helped as they gave everyone ice cream sundaes, I was one of the whipped cream ladies which was rly fun because we had soo much whipped cream and they kept telling us to give the kids more and more (haha they loooved it)
My mom kept telling people how I just graduated... 
and we watched part of the kindergarten graduation which was adorable! they all had robes and hats on, which were rly just miniature versions of the type I had. 
I actually got a little teary eyed at one point though when I watched them and realized how far i've come... :'(

So I also happened to have my first day working today
I ended up taking someone's shift for them, aggh i'm such a sucker 
and woooow was it busy tonight! lots of people around for graduation I guess, plus regular crazy saturday night crowds
it was like busy throughout my whole shift, waits 15-20minutes at 9pm even!
Working was tiring, but not so bad otherwise. 
I saw a few pple I know... Megan from Camporee/Girl Scouts said hi (and I saw Katie and Ashley at Sartorette earlier), Jackie (Mrs. Stone's daughter, I don't think she recognized me though) and one of my sister's friends.
I learned how to sort silverware, and hang with the kitchen staff who's all nice, though they make me wish I spoke spanish... someone tried to teach me how to say "take your time", but I didn't have time to learn it

my feet and my back hurts from stading around so much
ahh and I've got to work tomorrow as well (but thankfully not until 11:45)
and yay Kat's party's tomorrow!!! :)

Prom '07
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Well wow, senior prom is OVER

kind of sadening, 
because well... that was it... it's gone

kind of relieving, 
phewf no more worrying/preping for it

kind of exciting,
wow graduation is soo fucking close
I can almost taste it.... mmmmm!

Yup so it was a nice night
although there were a few mishaps....
-As soon as I got there I saw a girl in the exact same dress as me!
-A waiter knocked my hair a bit, luckily it didn't topple over though
-I missed my mouth and spilled water on myself :P but it was just water and it dried
-I stepped in gum (of course when my heels were off of my feet... eww)
-I lost one of my favorite pens (it was a cheap 1$ pen.... but still)

Haha just little stuff that I brushed off though and I didn't let anything bring me down.
So yeah basically it was really fun to dress up and see everyone dressed up
but in the end.... it was pretty overrated... just like any other school dance just waay more expensive and everyone was dressed up and there was good food at least.

Oh and I took Kat's advice and made one of my pics into an icon, I liked using the prom's theme 'think of me' on it but I also made one that says Prom '07 on it. 
great idea Kat, thanks :)

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Yuppers so there's my DNA, twas fun
ya'll should try it (by everyone I guess I mean Kat)

i can't stop shaking
cheshire cat
because it's cold and because i'm sad

I'm not going to San Francisco State
it's surprising how much this has hurt me
even though I must have seen it coming

I'm pissed now
because I took these fucking ap classes to get into college
that i'm mostly not even good at or passing
sure i didn't even apply to any UCs but I figured a SU would do
and now I feel like this whole horrible year 
of trying to please everyone 
was a big fat waste of time

and no it's not really because of money issues
my dad doesn't see the attraction to SF
why bother commuting all that way? 
and what's so great that makes you want to go there? 
and what are you going to study?
and thanks to my great grandma's seizure last week that scared the crap out of my dad
staying with her is something he doesn't want me to do

so i'm done trying
i really have no goals in life 
and that's becoming depressing to me

eh who really needs college right? 
it's all a scam... 
i should go join the circus
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brief update + silly survey = one random post + wasted time
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I watched The Prestige tonight, it was a really good movie and I recommend it :)

and I added my cousin on myspace the other day whom I haven't seen or talked to in a long time, so we've been chatting it up

I had my first tping/porning experience this weekend, haha it was pretty fun
and I also had a nice weekend with my family, my uncle Danny visited 
so we went to the mall and the movies and stuff, very fuuun 

but now it's Monday :P and this week is going to be loooong
only so that there's a wonderful spring break of course-which will most likely fly right by though
but then that just means we'll be closer to graduation right?

It is fun to think up witty remarks or silly things to respond with on these things...
and it's far too easy to do this while procrastinating la di da
so here, since I don't want to post it on myspace:


oh nose!!!
cheshire cat

Is ljsecret truly being deleted?!?!?!?!?! Nooooooooooooooooo please don't be true :P


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