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Prom '07
cheshire cat

Well wow, senior prom is OVER

kind of sadening, 
because well... that was it... it's gone

kind of relieving, 
phewf no more worrying/preping for it

kind of exciting,
wow graduation is soo fucking close
I can almost taste it.... mmmmm!

Yup so it was a nice night
although there were a few mishaps....
-As soon as I got there I saw a girl in the exact same dress as me!
-A waiter knocked my hair a bit, luckily it didn't topple over though
-I missed my mouth and spilled water on myself :P but it was just water and it dried
-I stepped in gum (of course when my heels were off of my feet... eww)
-I lost one of my favorite pens (it was a cheap 1$ pen.... but still)

Haha just little stuff that I brushed off though and I didn't let anything bring me down.
So yeah basically it was really fun to dress up and see everyone dressed up
but in the end.... it was pretty overrated... just like any other school dance just waay more expensive and everyone was dressed up and there was good food at least.

Oh and I took Kat's advice and made one of my pics into an icon, I liked using the prom's theme 'think of me' on it but I also made one that says Prom '07 on it. 
great idea Kat, thanks :)


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