cheshire cat
Grrr I had a post all written up and ready to go and then I lost it :P
stupid buttons...

So yes this is Cayla, in case you weren't sure
Here's my new lj/new icons/new mood icons etc.
I was going to wait to start a new lj when I started college or something buttt.... I just couldn't wait
Oh and my old lj still exists, for now anyways

So I've been like addicted to ljsecret, it's superfun to read 
although there's some freaking weiiiird stuff on there 
And today I bought a steering wheel cover for my car (with hearts on it!!!) 
I was pretty pissed though when it wouldn't fit on my steering wheel 
but then my mom tried it and viola! 
a few minutes and she had it on there good 
sometimes moms are like annoyingly awesome at like everything

Yeah so I'm going to go decopauge, or read, or write, or drive, or something... not sure yet
Be sure to friend me please
and let me know what you think about my new layout/ljuser
Peace out   =)


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